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What is Bowen Therapy?

Bowtech Bowen Therapy is non-invasive, holistic & gentle. This effective technique targets specific muscle groups & fascia (connective tissue). Bowen moves are performed over precise areas of the body with short waits between moves to allow your body to release tension, to assist the body to realign, to address pain & to stimulate your bodies ability to heal itself. Bowen can assist in treatment of many conditions and is safe for all ages. From infants to the elderly, pregnant, the infirm & the disabled. Bowen works on the entire body, generating a deep sense of overall relaxation.

Where did Bowen Therapy come from?

Thomas Ambrose Bowen (1916 – 1982) began developing what is now known as Bowen Therapy in the 1950’s in Geelong, Victoria. Tom Bowen developed his technique through ascertaining precise body locations & developing sequences of ‘moves’ to treat everyone he saw. Bowen therapy’s use of light pressure follows the Arndt-Schulze law, which states that the body responds more deeply and positively to low-pressure stimuli than it does to painful, strong stimuli. Tom Bowen discovered and employed the principle long before the Arndt-Schulze law had been formulated. A true pioneer in healing.

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What to expect from a Bowen treatment

Bowen therapy is a soft-tissue modality not to be confused

with massage as it differs in the following ways:

  • There is no forceful manipulation of muscles
  • No oil is used
  • Can be performed on skin or through light, comfortable clothing
  • The comfort of the client is paramount, therefore, for someone unable to lay down the Bowen session may be completed seated or lying on their side. This also addresses the needs of people with impaired movement

To get the most out of your Bowen treatment, please arrive hydrated.

Yes, drink water before & after your treatment.

The best thing you can do to assist,

the rest us up to me, my craft & time.

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Back pain & Sciatica

Migraines & Headaches

TMJ & Sinus Issues

Knee, ankle & foot pain

Neck & Shoulder pain

Hand, Wrist & Elbow pain

RSI, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Tennis & Golfers Elbow

Support for chronic or acute conditions

Sporting injuries

Pre and post-surgery

Respiratory Problems & Asthma

Bowen Therapy can offer assistance with

Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue syndrome

Groin Pain, Pelvic Tilt, Uneven Leg length



Stress & Relaxation

General Overall Wellness

Bowen therapy was traditionally used

for the relief of musculoskeletal issues including, back, neck & limb problems, along with general aches &

pains of ageing

About me

In my early 20's I suffered terribly with migraines. They were a weekly occurrence & were getting more frequent & more severe. I was taking over the counter painkillers daily. I had tried everything I could think of to manage them. A dear friend suggested that I try Bowen Therapy. I had no idea what that was. One morning I was in a terrible state & I made the call that truly changed that path I was on. With Bowen treatments, not only did the migraines lessen in severity, I got them less often. Now I get a migraine every few years, & are quite mild by comparison. I honestly can't remember the last time I had a migraine. Bowen therapy did that for me.

Over the years I have moved around & lived in many towns, I have always kept Bowen in my life. In the last 10 years I'd had a desire to change my path to move toward healing & helping people.


2/21C Rodeo Drive

Mount Isa

Upstairs above 4825 Realty

take the external stairs

0458 050 950

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